Cover of CIAV NEWSLETTER 2010/21
Cover of CIAV NEWSLETTER 2010/21


Valeria Prieto


  1. CIAV Annual Report
    By Marc de Caraffe
  2. Conference Konsvinger opinion
  3. Culture of wood – Wood in Culture International Conference
  4. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
    By Nelson Melero
  5. Conference in Mexico
    By Arie Sivan
  6. Heritage at Risk
    By Christoph Machat
  7. Features of Traditional Juniper Shelters in Aragon District – Spain
    By José Ramón Ruiz Checa and Valentina Cristini
  8. A Propos d´un Caue en France
    By Samir Abdulac
  9. Volunteers not from Australia and Earthquake Press Release
    By Robert MC Clean
  10. The University of Massachusetts Amherst Center for Heritage and Society International

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