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The international documentation camp of vernacular architecture

Wooden cross church of Östmark (1765)

The object of the work: wooden cross church of Östmark (1765) covered by wooden shingles 

15.05.-31.05.2010, before and in connection to the CIAV Annual Seminar

Östmark, Torsby Sweden, 110 km north from Karlstad Sweden and 40 km east from Kongsvinger Norway

- To learn the method by working it throughout the process
- To become acquainted with the expertise of the participants and to create international contacts for further work in the field
- To develop a method and models for international cooperation
- To produce high quality measured drawings and to exhibit them in the exhibition and to publish at the end of the camp

- Measuring and drawing the church of Östmark

- 2 persons / country from different parts of the world, the max size of the group is 16, including the organizers and specialists
- They are used to making building drawings and know the basics of measuring work
- All the participants have to be ready to work and live in rather harsh conditions.
- Everyone in the camp works in practice, no idling is accepted
- Min one member in the “country group” is competent to teach the method in the home country and competent to arrange an international documenting camp in the home country

01.12.2009 Invitation prospectus
31.01.2010 Entering
15.02.2010 Choice of participants
15.05.2010 the CIAV VERNADOC 2010 camp period in Torsby Sweden
- One week for the measuring and basic drawing
- One week for the finishing of the drawings in ink
- 6 working days a week
- Some days for local excursions
31.05.2010 the exhibition and presentation of the results for locals on site
31.05.-04.06.2010 the CIAV Annual Meeting and Seminar in Kongsvinger Norway
02.06.2010 the opening of the exhibition for the CIAV seminar on site

How to get there:
By plane to Stockholm - Karlstad. Karlstad - Torsby by train.

Daily program:
- Working days are max. 8 hours long
- Everyone produces her/his own measure drawing

Accommodation and meals:
- Living and eating in local lodgings

- The official language of the camp is vernacular English

- The participants will take care of their own insurances

- The participants will be certified by Helsinki University of Technology

The principles of the costs:
- The participants are in charge of the travel costs. The organizer will pay the costs of the accommodation and the meals at the site during the camp period (there is not any registration fee).

More information:
- For further questions and information; please feel free to ask, even on the practical arrangements.

Entering before 31.01.2010 for:
Markku Mattila
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Östmark information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%96stmark
VERNADOC information you can find in the home pages of Assistant Professor Sudjit Sananwai of ICOMOS-CIAV Thailand: http://vernadoc.multiply.com/
CIAV Annual Meeting and Seminar Finnskogen 2010 information: http://ciav.icomos.org/index.php/actual-conference

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Welcome to the International Committee of Vernacular Architecture (CIAV). CIAV is an ICOMOS Scientific Committe. To visit the ICOMOS web site, click www.icomos.org. The International Scientific Committee of Vernacular Architecture advises International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and the World Heritage Committee (WHC) on matters that pertain to all aspects of the management of rural areas, village settlements and vernacular architecture.