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CIAV Annual Meeting and Seminar Finnskogen 2010

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1. About Seminar

The seminar will be held in Finnskogen area in Norway and Sweden. It has been the target of many studies for more than a hundred years because of its exceptional history, vernacular heritage and traditions that can be traced back to the origin of the settlers from Finland.

Vernacular building is a way of expression that carries messages from one generation to another and a message of belonging to a culture. When people are moving to other places how does the vernacular expression answer to the new circumstances?

Built vernacular heritage is normally based on long traditions of the use of local materials and of their gradual refining processes. Are global markets a threat to the vernacular expression?

While saving some parts of the old and adopting some parts of the new the vernacular expression can become more dynamic and at the same time more conserved in the new circumstances. Is it true that cultures moving to new geographical areas are more conservative? How do we conserve in different countries the vernacular buildings that carry the same tradition?

2. Organizers

ICOMOS Comité d’architecture vernaculaire CIAV



ICOMOS Finland

3. Organizing Committee

Gisle Jakhelln, Norway

Lena Palmqvist, Sweden
David Brand, Norway
Markku Mattila, Finland
Kirsti Kovanen, Finland

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