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Cover of CIAV NEWSLETTER 2016/36
Cover of CIAV NEWSLETTER 2016/36


Valeria Prieto


  1. CIAV International Conference in Lűbeln, Wendland
  2. CIAV Meeting
    By Gisle Jakhelln
  3. An Invitation
    By Hossam Mahdy
  4. Travel Advice and German Trains
  5. TERRA 2012 – Proceeding of the 11th Conference on Earthen Architecture and 12th SIACOST
    By Mariana Correia
  6. African Heritage
    By Miles Lewis
  7. Actual problems of study and preservation of the architectural and urban heritage of historic settlements
    By Olga Sevan
  8. Different types and social and cultural aspects of historical settlements, monuments, and landscapes: challenges of modernity
    Abstract by Olga Sevan
  9. La Restauration de Palmyre a L´Etude
  10. The Roman frontier along the River Rhine
    By ICOM Netherlands
  11. 2000 year Shared Built Heritage in Central Europe – Border Region Germany-France-Luxemburg
  12. Preserving transcultural heritage: Your way or my way?
  13. International Conference on Vernacular Earthen Architecture, Conservation and Sustainability / SOStierra 2017 / 3rd VerSus / 3rd ResTAPIA
    Valencia – SPAIN
  14. Stonehenge in Danger !
    By Stonehenge Alliance
  15. TUSNAD 2016
    Conferences Announcement