Cover of CIAV NEWSLETTER 2009/16
Cover of CIAV NEWSLETTER 2009/16


Valeria Prieto


  1. Condolences
  2. CIAV New Members
  3. The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Vernacular Architecture, CIAV (Comité Internacional d´Architecture Vernaculaire)
    By Christoph Machat
  4. Three Articles: Unusual Place in Kathmandu; Zen Pilgrimage in the Buddha´s Birthplace; Cinque Terre and Ifugao
    By Augusto Villalon
  5. Bohio Proyect in Santo Domingo
    By Virginia Flores
  6. Finn Vernadoc 2009: The International Documentation Camp of Vernacular Architecture
    By Marku Mattila
  7. The Vernacular Architecture and Monuments of the Czech Republic
    By Martin Cernansky
  8. New Sites have been Added to UNESCO´s World Heritage List
  9. Significants Notes from International ICOMOS
  10. About the Theme of 18 April 2009: Heritage and Science
    By Pamela Jerome and Cliff Ogleby
  11. I Convención Científica de Innovación Arquitectónica y Sostenibilidad en Colombia
  12. Last Minute News
    By Guido Licciardi

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