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Earthen and wood vernacular heritage and climate change

ICOMOS four international scientific committees on Vernacular Architecture, Earthen Architectural Heritage, Wood Architecture Heritage and Energy, Sustainability and Climate change are jointly organizing the international conference on ‘Earthen and wood vernacular heritage and climate change’ under the patronage of ICOMOS Sweden.

The conference welcome practitioners, scholars, educators and students in the fields of vernacular architecture, wooden and earthen buildings, culture heritage, building conservation and restoration, energy and sustainability, climate change to submit their proposal and join the conference different activities.

Earthen and wood vernacular heritage and climate change


Cover of CIAV NEWSLETTER 2020/46


Valeria Prieto

1. Mayan Vernacular, The Ethnic Habitat of the Yucatan Peninsula: Empirical Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom

By Berenice Aguilar Prieto

2. Arab Values: Towards Regional Guidelines for ICOMOS Doctrinal Documents in Arab Countries

By Hossam Mahdy